The short and sweet Breakfst Ride 2.0 of Sunday was to conquer the road till THIMMAPPANA BETTA.

Machine talk with group photo.

This place is a good option around Bangalore for a short ride, click photos and breathe some fresh air. There is little scope for trekking here as you find huge rocks everywhere and rocks are very steep to climb. All that you get here is good view and excellent breeze. As with all places, even here, it is good if you visit early in the morning. Afternoons and early evenings may not be pleasant. You find huge rocks all around and they would get heated up late afternoon. Early monings, the 2 huge rocks make it look like a perfect backdrop for you to click a photo of your bike. Currently there is very little crowd and hence you can take your bike on the huge rock. I am sure once the place becomes very famous, they will make some arrangements to stop bikers taking their bike on the rock.

Google maps came handy since some one has added the location (Search for Thimmappa swamy temple)

– Chinmoy Kolita (Passionate Biker)

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